The Red Root Hot Yoga Studio

Red Root Hot Yoga is conveniently located to serve the surrounding Quad Cities area at 2660 E 53rd Street Suite #4 in Davenport, Iowa.

With ample parking available in front of the studio, entering and leaving our yoga studio is both safe and convenient. If additional parking is needed, parking is also available on the West, and North sides of building.

Red Root Hot Yoga provides different level classes to meet everyone's fitness level wants and needs. Click Here for more information about class levels.

All classes are suitable for all levels of fitness. Classes are provided every day, at different times, making it very easy to begin and sustain the practice for people of the surrounding Quad Cities area who have a limited availability.

In order to keep integrity of the studio, and to provide what is expected by practitioners, all Red Root instructors are certified and or registered in the practice that the instructor provides.

We are a locally owned yoga studio who value holistic practices. Every effort has been made to construct our studio with the environment and your health in mind.When possible, items used here have been recycled or made from earth friendly materials. This ranges from the use of mold resistant wall board to organic towels and soaps. We believe wholeheartedly in taking care of ones mind, body, and spirit to obtain optimal health. At Red Root Hot Yoga we make it possible to achieve effective results.

Are you looking for a studio in the Quad Cities? Join us in a non-competitive environment, where you can step away from the stresses of everyday life, gain self confidence, and build both physical and mental strength and flexibility.

We are happy to answer any questions or concerns about hot yoga, feel free to contact us. You may find the answer you are looking for right from our website!

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"Red Root Hot Yoga is conveniently located to serve the surrounding Quad Cities Area with registered hot yoga classes."

Before beginning any fitness and/or exercise program, always discuss the program and your level of involvement with your physician and follow your physician’s advice. The information found with in the Red Root Hot Yoga website is designed to improve your personal health. Judgment about the appropriateness or risks of engaging in a fitness and/or exercise program should be taken into consideration, based on your current status of personal health.

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