Hot Yoga, is a form of yoga that was created to simulate the atmosphere in India, where yoga began thousands of years ago. Gaining popularity in the early 1970s. Hot Yoga incorporates a series of yoga postures, and is ideally practiced in a area professionally heated and ventilated.

Hot yoga is geared toward general wellness, practicing in the heated studio allows for fluid like stretching, greater range of movement in joints, ligament, and muscles. Capillaries dilate in the heat of the room; more effectively oxygenating the tissues, muscles, glands and organs. Your muscles and connective tissue then become more elastic and this allows for greater flexibility with less risk of injury.

On a deeper level the heat from the room also assists in a naturally detoxification of your body. The skin is the bodies largest waste eliminating organ, by sweating you are promoting the detoxification and elimination of waste products through the skin.

When combined with a healthy life style, hot yoga can be your outlet to an overall fitness routine that encompasses all aspects of a full body workout. Including but not limited to strength and muscle training, stretch and flexibility, cardiovascular, and mental strength.

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